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We offer tuition assistance based on financial need. Families may apply for financial aid only after having been offered a place at the Children’s School. Parents requesting a scholarship are asked to complete the Financial Aid application form and sign and attach a copy of their most recent federal income tax form.

The Financial Aid application is evaluated and a needs assessment is done to determine scholarship awards. This determination considers taxable and non-taxable assets, assets other than equity in the primary residence, size of household, and number of children for whom financial aid is requested. Special circumstances must be documented and explained in writing and should accompany the financial aid application.

The Financial Aid Committee makes the final decisions regarding the allocation of available funds. Families are notified of these decisions by June. Those who do not qualify will be sent the full payment contracts. Those who do qualify will be sent the financial aid payment contracts with a monthly payment plan. Return of the payment contract with a deposit by the due date constitutes acceptance of the financial aid reward. If contracts are not returned by the due date, funds will be cancelled and reallocated.

Parents interested in applying for financial assistance can use the online service for Financial Assistance for Student Tuition (FAST) a tool commonly used by independent schools throughout the country. For more information please contact us directly.

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