Our Programs

Interior of one of our classrooms

Pacific Oaks Children’s School offers a wide array of all-day programs as well as part-time classes in the morning or afternoon. Our classroom programs are designed for children ages 2 to 5 and meet every day, Monday through Friday. All of our programs feature a low teacher to child ratio so that teachers have time to devote their full attention to each student in order to develop specific emergent curriculum. In addition to our many talented teachers, further enrichment is provided by our team of specialists, including an artist and a musician in residence, a children’s librarian, and a consultant to assist children, families, and teachers with a variety of special needs.

Age Specific Programs

All of our classes, regardless of age level, span for at least one year. Some classes are “mixed age” meaning that the age span extends up to 2 years. Our close-knit classroom environment invites children to develop friendships in a rich and deep way as they play and learn alongside others. Each program and age group focuses on inclusion and community development. Click here to learn more about our age-specific programs.

Learning Enrichment

While a variety of characteristics make our programs special, our devotion to outdoor learning and to art and music enrichment is a stand-out feature of our programs. Click here to learn more about these enrichment programs.

Special Programs

These programs can be added to a student’s regular program for further enrichment—some take place during the day and others in the afternoon to provide flexibility. They can also be taken without enrolling in our regular programs. Click here to learn more about these programs.