Welcome to Pacific Oaks Children’s School

Every young child needs a strong foundation to build upon and grow with—not just in the classroom but everywhere a child finds community. A small group of families opened Pacific Oaks Children’s School 75 years ago, and while the world around it has changed greatly, the importance of community has remained. Together, we provide for each other, help when we can, and lay the groundwork for a better tomorrow through our words, our actions, and the education we provide.

Founded on the principles of social justice and inclusion, we are known for our pioneering accomplishments in the areas of anti-bias education, emergent curriculum, and peaceful conflict resolution. Our approach is to be responsive to the needs, interests, and evolving abilities of the children who join us and the families who make up our ever-expanding community.

Our educational pedagogy focuses on foundational skills that support learning at every stage of life, including:

  • Social skill development
  • Thinking skills (inquiry, critical, creative, and problem solving)
  • Language skills (listening and speaking)
  • Creative self-expression

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 7 5 pm – End of Year Sing-a-long